Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oceanfront resorts - a refuge for water loving travellers

The travel bug seems to be doing the rounds. Everyone around me is setting out to wonderful locales. I need to plan my next trip too.

A colleague of mine recently returned from a 45 day trip to the US of A. Lucky lady. She was all praise for the places she had visited. She took her kids to Disneyland. They traveled by car covering the coastal regions. And then they visited some relatives in South Carolina. Being the water baby that she is - how could she miss visiting the lovely lakes in South Carolina. She visited Lake Marion and Lake Keowee. She also visited the North Myrtle Beach. She told me about this oceanfront resort that she saw there - it was called the Myrtle Beach Resort.

The resort she said was located in Cherry Grove and had a host of activities for everyone. She has made inquiries and plans to visit and stay there on her next trip to the USA. Her spouse was also excited because Myrtle Beach Resort is close to Myrtle Beach golf course and the Southeastern North Carolina golf courses. Aah! Men will be men. But well as long as they get to holiday there, it doesn't matter. She said she would choose from the various spa treatment packages that the resort has on offer or opt for an in-room massage while her hubby hits the golf course.

Hearing about the place and looking at the photographs, I am tempted to plan a trip to the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort too. Gotta coax my better half to head out on a holiday and soon.

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