Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maine, Here I Come.

Maine is a wonderful destination for nature lovers. It has everything you could wish for - a sandy coastline, majetic mountains, lakes and rivers and woods. You could spend your time relaxing on the beaches or head off hiking on the mountains. You could also go whale watching if that interests you.

One of the major attractions of Maine is the Boothbay Harbor region. The harbor is dotted with numerous fishing vessels big and small; and a good sprinkling of pleasure boats. You could take a guided harbor tour on one of the many excursion boats available or if you are the romantic kind - then you could hire a schooner and head out for a sail with your loved ones.

The Boothbay Harbor in Maine is also a favourite destination for waterfront weddings. The harbor offers everything from accommodations, hair and beauty salons, florists, food catering services and everything else associated with a wedding.

Another attraction of the Boothbay Harbor is chioce of sea food. Lobsters, fishes, scallops, oysters and mussels - you name it and you get it here. The main highlight in this region is the Maine Lobster. And I have heard that one of the best Boothbay Harbor Restaurant is the Brown's Wharf Inn . The inn offers a wonderful view of the harbor. All the cottages and rooms have good views. And top it up with the finest seafood fare in the region - that makes Brown Wharf's Inn one of the best Boothbay Harbor Inn.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Singapore or Seattle?

Recession or no recession - travel lovers always look out for the less travelled places and good deals on accomodation. Had been to a travel fair recently with a couple of friends. Picked up lot of brochures and info on some cool travel options for December(Christmas holidays). On our way home my friend asked me to pick two destinations from my lucky/favourite alphabet - S. The two places that I selected were Singapore and Seattle.

After returning home I did a search on the tourist attractions in both these places. Heres what I found. Singapore is a very affluent country with a good night life and lots of shopping options. The Orchard Road has miles and miles of shopping malls. The Singapore zoo is also a must visit. I also found some good deals on accomodation in Singapore. There are many cheap hotels in Singapore. Another attraction in Singapore is the Sentosa Island Resort which is the Singaporean equivalent of Disneyland.

Seattle, Washington, is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. There is lot to do in Seattle. There are lot of museums and parks in Seattle. The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is also a major attraction. There are numerous tour operators who offer everything from walking tours and sightseeing opportunities by plane, boat or mini bus. Cheap hotels in Seattle are also available.

So all that is left to decide is whether it is going to be Singapore or Seattle. Both have more or less the same stuff to offer and cheap hotels are available in Singapore as well as Seattle.