Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photos of Medak Church, Medak Fort and the Pocharam Reservoir

The Medak Cathedral built in 1914 in Gothic style is considered to be the largest in Asia. The main tower of the church is 175 ft high and the cathedral can accomodate 5000 people at a time. There are 3 maginificient stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus Christ.

Medak fort - Not much is left of the fort to see, but as it is on a hillock it offers a good view of the city. Do not forget to carry food and water as you climb the fort because nothing is available on the hilltop.

Pocharam which is 20 odd kms away from Medak can also be clubbed into the day trip. Pocharam boasts of a small animal sanctuary and a reservoir. The reservoir is built on the Aler river and is favourite picnic spot. Fishing is a favourite activity at this reservoir.

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