Thursday, May 23, 2013

Win a FREE trip to Switzerland from

Most Indians nurture the dream to visit Switzerland once in their lifetime. With its snow covered peaks, innumerable lakes, green and flourishing countryside with friendly people and enchanting locales, its no wonder that everyone wishes to go there. Switzerland is as much of a family holiday destination as it is a honeymoon destination. You can enjoy a romantic interlude and also enjoy a fun-filled family getaway as well.

Switzerland tourism attracts a lot of visitors and that is why major tour operators always offer numerous packages to the Swiss locations. Packages are tailored according to seasons, budget and destinations. The Alps are covered in snow in some seasons and it can be quite cold during certain months. The plains however are more temperate and offer a wonderful weather in most seasons. Keeping all this in mind, MakeMyTrip is offering many packages to travelers like - Family package, the Swiss Delight, the Swiss Discovery, Steam Experience Switzerland and Tops of Switzerland. Each package is unique and tailored to different tastes covering all the famed sights and scenic beauty that Switzerland has to offer. The packages are a mix of countryside, lakes, heritage sites, adventure, skiing and of course shopping.

Currently MakeMyTrip are running a competition wherein you could win a FREE Swiss trip. Yes, you heard that right - a free trip. In addition to the winner, all participants who clear a certain stage in the game are entitled to RS 2000  MakeMyTrip Holiday Voucher. You can find more details on the MakeMyTrip website.

So, if you are planning a holiday to Switzerland, look no further than MakeMyTrip. You will surely come back from your trip with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

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