Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need of the hour - Alternative or renewable energy

Was watching a documentary on NGC about renewable energy. Such a beautifully put together program. If only all of us could do our bit to save nature and the environment it would be so good.

The documentary got me thinking and I started browsing the web to find companies that are into this field. And I did find out one that was intersting. First let me explain in short what do they actually do.

The residual solids (in common terms the sewage sludge) that are left over after treatment of municipal wastewater contain lot of organic elements and compounds. These residual solids have been used as is for decades in the farming industry as an addition to fertilisers. Now a days companies further treat these residual solids to remove any remaining traces of harmful pathogens. And the nutrients are returned back to the soil from where they came.

N-Viro is one such company which converts these residual solids to useful biosolids like compost and enriched soil. These end products are then used in farms, for landscaping, horticulture, siliviculture and even for home gardens.

It is the need of the hour to do every bit we can for Mother Nature. Its time we all stopped wasting energy and depleting the natural resources. We need to look out for alternative energy or renewable energy.

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